Forum for Energy Reporters Bangladesh



Objective and Goal

Organizing short & mid-term training program on energy reporting, developing skills for reporting the on energy issues, improving the skill of energy journalists and encouraging them to contribute for greater national interest, disseminating information among themselves, strengthening their internal and external relations are among the objectives of FERB.


Forum for Energy Reporters Bangladesh-FERB is the only national organization of energy reporters in Bangladesh. Against the backdrop of the growing need for information of the energy sector, the FERB was founded on November 27, 2000, by the Dhaka-based energy reporters working for national dailies, news agencies and national and international print and electronic media.

With a broader objective of focusing the country’s energy sector with proper reporting, reporters working in the sector formed the FERB.

The main commitment of the organization is to enrich the working journalists in the field of energy and power in Bangladesh with facilitating to get information and also helping develop their skills.

FERB drew the attention of civil society through developing a public opinion on energy-related issues and also brought a change in the mindset of policy level.

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